How to scroll through this blog in an effective way

iStock_000019537569_MediumHi there, welcome! You are about to discover a blog full of inspiration, advice and tips for (non-profit) organizations seeking to engage the young generation with their brand using an online community. In this post I will quickly tell you how you can scroll through this blog in an effective way so that you or your organization will benefit the most from it!

The posts on this blog will guide you through the four fundamentals of online communities. If you want to read this blog in chronological order (the way I have written my report) you should start with the earliest post of fundamental one, called “Understanding Online Communities: What is an Online Community.

If you are already familiar with the concept of online communities, the posts about fundamental 1 might not provide you with a lot of new insights. For you, the posts of fundamental 2, 3 and 4 might be more helpful and inspiring. If the concept is new to you, I strongly recommend you to start with fundamental 1 (meaning you have to scroll just a little longer, or just click on a link below) and work your way up to fundamental four! At the left sideline of each post, you can see to which category/fundamental the post belongs.

The structure of the blog is as follows:

Fundamental 4: Strategic Perspective on the Creation of an Online Community (most recent)

Fundamental 3: How Online Communities work

Fundamental 2: Online Communities Today

Fundamental 1: Understanding Online Communities

I really hope you will enjoy the journey I have undertaken into one of the most exciting subjects of this time!

Anne-Sophie Gaspersz


One thought on “How to scroll through this blog in an effective way

  1. […] Enough of our waffling though, if you want a nice collective of thoughts written by someone that isn’t directly involved in community management head over to the blog written by Anne-Sophie; Think Online Community. […]

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