Seven pieces of advice #6: A call for action

large__2859210553Let’s face it. The chance is big that (non-profit) organizations find community building important, but not urgent (yet). But I think they should realize that they are in a competitive industry and that the “donating behaviour” of the young generation is changing.

In the nearby future, technology and developments might allow people to start up own projects or support projects of others with just a simple click on their smart phones. I would recommend (non-profit) organizations to make a forecast of their position in 2020. Who do they think will support them? What main threats could they face? What opportunities? I think it is urgent to brainstorm about this future look and start to think of concrete steps to (be) take(n). I think this blog will give the necessary food for thought to seriously consider the option of an online community to serve their intention. Now, it is time for them to give (online community) efforts aimed at engaging the relatively young generation a high-priority.

Interested in advice #7? See my next post!

Until next time,

Anne-Sophie Gaspersz

Photo credit: Atilla1000 via photopin cc

Photography: Atilla1000

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