Seven pieces of advice #2: Dig a little deeper

large__4567288639I recommend (non-profit) organisations to dig a little deeper; to pre-start by doing more research on the following elements:

  • What is your current brand image among this target group? What comes first to their mind when they hear about your brand?
  • How would they see themselves engage in an online community initiated by your organisation?
  • What development issues do they care about?
  • Where do they mostly spend their time online?

These are some clear examples of questions that could be of importance before really starting an online community. Answers to these questions can be found with something dead simple as an online survey. The results of the survey that I conducted among this generation shows that people are willing to share their opinion about this subject. You could also use Facebook and/or LinkedIn to start some polls and ask people to vote for certain options.

Other important elements to consider researching are:

– Are there any online communities or websites on which people already talk about non-profit organizations? Or even about  your brand in specific?

– What is said online about your organization, negative and positive?

– Do you already have super-fans/brand advocates out there that you can try to reach?

– How are other non-profit organizations making use of brand communities? What can you learn from that?

These are important elements as well. I think it is a crucial first step to find out whether you already have an audience online that talks/converses about your brand. It would be great if you would find out that you already have a base of brand advocates who are willing to help them with your online community. Brand advocates are a great way to make your online community go viral and reach your target (group) more effectively.

Curious for more advice? Look forward to my next post!;)

Until next time,

Anne-Sophie Gaspersz


Photo credit: blah.adam via photopin cc


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