A call for action: Why non-profits should invest in Brand Communities – Part 2 (Model: factors influencing brand image)

large__2389965725I believe it is important for non-profits to understand that when you aim to build strong, lasting relationships – everything matters. “Every interaction at every touch point is an opportunity to strengthen or dilute the experience and therefore the level of trust and loyalty” says Weisnewski (9). As I described in an earlier post, people are constantly engaged in countless online conversations with others. Hence, there is a changing generation. The ‘online experience’ is playing a vital role for people making purchase decisions. The same counts for donation decisions.

A strong brand image is vital in getting a loyal base of supporters towards your charity. Therefore, I expect that in the nearby future, more and more non-profits will invest in their brand through the use of brand communities. Weisnewski described some of the main elements that will affect brand images. I added some more factors and have visualized them into a visual model.

This model (see figure below) visualizes the importance of the online experience for customers today. I believe that the online experience you give your customers will highly affect your brand image. Luckily, today there are billions of online possibilities to give your customers an experience.

Model: Factors Influencing Brand Image

Visual Model

I hope this post has been inspiring to you. In my next post I will talk about best practices and show you how large brands (both commercial and non-commercial) are using online communities to provide their target an online experience.

Until next time,

Anne-Sophie Gaspersz

Photo credit: looking4poetry via photopin cc

Photography: looking4poetry

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